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Begining log work

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Log Peeling
Cutting logs in half
Quartering logs

Log projects

Rustic mirror frame

Log Peeling

Peeling your log is very simple. What I do is set up two saw horses, and put your log on top of them.  When your log is on your saw horses, you must be able to straddle your log and have both feet on the ground.  You want one end of your log to butt up against a sturdy wall.  I just build a wall out of 2x4s and attach it to one of the saw horses.  This wall only needs to be one to two feet taller than the saw horse. 

To peel your logs you will need a draw knife .  This technique is centuries old and is still the most common method used today.  Straddle the log on the saw horses and pull the draw knife towards you until all the bark is off the log.  Most of the bugs live between the bark and the log.  Most logs when peeled have worm or bug holes. You need to make sure all the bugs inside the log are dead. To do this I use carburetor spray. Just spray each hole you see and they will be dead in seconds.

Now you have some peeled logs and you are ready to start working them into furniture.  Check out the “Cutting Logs” article to see how to quarter and half your logs.

Draw Knife

draw knife

Log Peeling

Saw Horse set up