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Quartering logs

What do I do with a quartered log? Well, you can attach them to a 90 degree corner on your furniture. The first thing you do is just like when you half your log. You want to find a straight 2x4 and screw the log to it. Make sure you put one screw on each end of the log when screwing it to the 2x4. You want to find the distance between outside of the 2x4 and the center of your log. Once you find this distance you want to set your table saw fence to that measurement. Measure the height of your log when screwed to your 2x4. Set the table saw blade height to a little over half the height of your log. Once your fence and blade height is set, run the log through the table saw and make sure your 2x4 is flush against the fence.

After you make your first cut, take the log off the 2x4. Attach the log to the 2x4 again with the first cut almost parallel with the table it sits on. Have the first cut facing down just a hair when you screw it to the 2x4. You want the angle to be between 75 and 85 degrees. The closer you can get to 90 degrees the better, but make sure you do not exceed 90 degrees. If your angle exceeds 90 degrees, you will have gaps between the log and your furniture when you attach the log. Once you are ready to run the log through the saw again, put it on the table saw and make sure the blade will meet the first cut you made. This way you will cut out ¼ of the log.

Once your log is quartered, I like to sand my log with an orbital sander. After you sand the log, it will be ready to be attached to your furniture. To attach your quartered log, simply use 2” – 2 ½” screws through the back of your frame into the log. I put the screws right in the corner of the frame. If there are any gaps between the log and your frame, you can put smaller screws on the back side of your frame into where the gaps are.

Log screwed to 2x4

1. Screw log to the 2x4. Then run the log through the table saw.

2nd cut to quarter the log

2. Screw the log back on the 2x4 with your first cut angled like this.

2nd cut

3. When making your 2nd cut, make sure the table saw blade meets your first cut.

Quartered log

4. This is what your quartered log will look like.

Quartered log screwed to frame

5. This is how you screw the quartered log to your frame.